I have started my journey with STEADICAM during the first basic workshop in Poland in 2016 with Marcin Peresada, organised by TVP - polish TV. Then I discovered that is big and the best weapon what camera operator can have, huge range of possibilities to create movement and feelings in frame and whole movie.
I gained experience as a STEADICAM operator in small projects after that I had a short break with this beautiful equipment but now I am back.

In May 2019 I successfully completed "STEADICAM  Gold Workshop in Tenerife  by TIFFEN", the most advanced and known workshop for STEADICAM operators with instructors like Garrett Brown, Chris Fawcett, Alex Brambilla, etc.

I can fly on RIGs (rented): 
Sled M1 with G70x arm 
ARRI Artemis Steadicam ( loads from 11 to 26 kg)

 See you on the set. 

Steadicam operator

Steadicam operator/ Camera Operator/ DIR

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